Jan 30, 2024

Fake News

I was contacted last week by a CNBC reporter who wanted to know why I gave to Rudy Giuliani’s defense fund.

This was my response:

Hello Brian,

I believe your goal here is to try to intimidate Rudy’s supporters and inhibit them from donating again. That won’t work with me. I live by the Golden Rule. I am a Catholic Christian and grew up living the Jesus Christ teaching: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Best known as the “golden rule”, it simply means you should treat others as you’d like to be treated. Yes, I gave Rudy $100,000 for his legal defense PAC and I was happy to do so. I am upset by the way Rudy has been persecuted and I believe it’s important to push back against a politicized judicial system.

Rudy has been a friend for decades and I will always stand by my friends. He officiated at my wedding to Roger, who had worked on Rudy’s mayoral campaign. I’m proud of the work he did for the man who became America’s mayor. Since Roger’s death, Rudy has been very kind to me and my son. I will never forget that.

FYI – I launched CNBC back in 1989 and I also launched America’s Talking, which is now MSNBC. Those two channels certainly have changed since those days when we were focused on truth — facts — not virtue signaling to the woke.

Elizabeth Ailes

However, this is what ran:

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani raises less than $1 million from 13 donors in legal defense fund

Read it and tell me there isn’t an agenda.

I believe it’s because I pushed back on the anti-Rudy narrative, the politicization of our judicial system, and what’s happened to CNBC. He knows I’m right.

Elizabeth Ailes

Elizabeth Ailes

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