Woodland Cottage

Project_Woodland Cottage 0031
Project_Woodland Cottage 0028
When we first acquired this property the roof was covered with moss – which had likely been there 20 years.  We were very judicious and with delicate care, we were able to remove the moss without damaging the cedar shingles. We changed the exterior color from an off white to a taupe-gray and chose a dark, raisin brown for gutters and window increments.

The deck to your left was originally made of wood and in need of repair. We replaced it with Trex and copied the grid pattern from 16 Beverly Warren for railings. The little cottage was brought back to life and blended beautifully with the surrounding forest.


Project_Woodland Cottage 0029

The west side of cottage includes a small deck. We did the railings and decking in Trex to minimize annual maintenance.

Project_Woodland Cottage 0025
We gutted the small bathroom. I found this tile at Home Depot.
Project_Woodland Cottage 0026
The tiny shower seemed bigger after we used a lighter color porcelain on the walls.
Project_Woodland Cottage 0030
Recessed lights in the kitchen add an elegant glow.
Project_Woodland Cottage 0027
The kitchenette was updated with new appliances and cabinets. Small but efficient.
Project_Woodland Cottage 0032
The bathroom was remodeled with new tile and new fixtures.